Justice can be a lottery

Photo still from the film In A Lonely Place

“It was his story against mine, but of course, I told my story better.”
Humphrey Bogart in classic noir ‘In a Lonely Place’.

Comments from Paul Smyth – too many humans are not rational creatures

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It is fine work, reads briskly and clearly, and is useful as an anatomy of why things go wrong in trials and sometimes terribly so. I knew a great deal about the Knox-Sollecito case, of course, and a bit about Kiszko, and very little indeed about Routier. I must say that the authorities in this last case are so breathtakingly awful, that they Mignini look comparatively benign.

Good news from Cardiff Law School

A pile of old books.

David Anderson has been contacting universities and academics in the English speaking world and the response has been very encouraging. This message came back from Dr Dennis Eady. He gave us permission to repeat it: