A stunning response to the problem of wrongful convictions

This is a well laid out and yet very readable book for both experts and laymen. It unwraps a perspective and a solution to an alarming and growing problem that is new, unique and truly brilliant.

I highly recommend this book.

Joan C. James

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A fascinating and challenging book

This is a fascinating and challenging book, compiled with scholarly authority and assurance by a former professor of medicine, David Anderson, and a writer, Nigel Scott. They examine a criminal case in each of three separate jurisdictions, namely England, Italy and Texas.

This book deserves to be widely read by everyone involved in the criminal justice system

Mr. Michael OConnell

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From the dark side of our souls

An essential look at how confirmation bias, schadenfreude, conspiracy theory, projection, scapegoating, mob anonymity, and the manipulation of empathy cause catastrophes in the criminal justice system.

Thomas Mininger

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